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Disrupt Berlin 2018 early-bird pricing ends in three days3 min read

What could be better than spending two adrenaline-packed days at Disrupt Berlin 2018 focused on the best of everything coming out of Europe’s early-stage startup scene? Saving up to €500 while doing it, that’s what. Just think about how much Red Bull or good German beer you could buy with that money.

Here’s the thing. Ticket prices to Disrupt Berlin will increase on 24 October, and, while attending this conference provides serious ROI even at full price, it simply doesn’t make sense to pay more than necessary. Don’t miss your chance to get in on all the Disrupt action at the lowest price possible. Beat the calendar and buy your pass right now.

One of the most exciting and time-honored events at Disrupt is Startup Battlefield, and we can’t wait to see the Berlin cohort take the stage, dazzle the judges and launch their dream on a global stage. We’re talking 15 of the most exceptional early-stage startup founders going head-to-head for glory, $50,000 in non-equity cash and life-changing investor attention. What’s not to love?

Looking for even more excitement? Head to Startup Alley, our exhibition floor and the very heart of Disrupt. You’ll find more than 400 early-stage startups showcasing the very latest tech products, platforms and services. The networking opportunities are endless. Here’s what TestCard CEO Luke Heron told us following his Disrupt Berlin 2017 experience.

“Exhibiting in Startup Alley among all these other fantastic startups has a hugely positive impact when you’re fundraising.”

If you’re wondering just how positive, Heron recently emailed to share his good news.

“We just closed $1.7 million in funding, thanks to you and your team. You guys are fantastic — the lifeblood of the startup scene.”

Not everyone goes to Disrupt looking for investors (no, really). Vlad Larin, co-founder of Zeroqode, went to help people understand the company’s no-code technology.

“Exhibiting in Startup Alley at Disrupt Berlin was the perfect place for us to start those conversations. You talk with all kinds of people looking for new ideas, collaboration and inspiration — people who want to learn and exchange ideas about the latest products and industry trends.”

TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018 takes place 29-30 November. Whatever your reason for going, don’t spend one Euro more than necessary. Early-bird savings disappear on 24 October. Don’t wait — buy your tickets today.

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